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What people are saying about us... "We ain't no ordinary Club!"


The Premier Basketball Academy for children in Kingston


My son became keen on basketball just over a year ago and there are limited places to play in Kingston. Luckily we discovered Spartans! I was so impressed with the Coaching and my son responded equally well. He loves the calm authority and skilled coaching, playing with mixed levels and ages. I am so grateful he has found something active that he loves and is passionate about. Thank you Spartans!


"I'm highly impressed

with the coaching standard and the positive atmosphere at training!"


"Max loves Spartans and says that he’s really enjoying the drills and always looks forwards to his sessions with his Coach. Playing basketball is what he loves to do, he has fun and receives so much encouragement from not only his Coach but his team mates too. Thank you Spartans!"


My daughter started her basketball sessions with Spartans in September 2018, and she loves it so much that she also attends the session on Saturdays. Within a short space of time, Wayne has not only taught her the fundamental skills required in basketball, but has helped her develop her leadership skills and grow in confidence. Regularly attending basketball has given her a commitment to her team, to get involved in sports activities at school, as well as an overall positive impact on her social life too. Wayne has gone out of his way to put on further basketball sessions and has created an environment that combines commitment to high standards with an emphasis on age-appropriate training methods. I highly recommend Spartans.


"I am really enjoying being part of the Spartans Basketball Academy and I feel that my skills have developed massively. All of the drills are challenging and fun and the coaches are extremely encouraging. I always look forward to the games at the end because everyone plays fairly and we always get stopped and corrected to help improve our game." 


"I have been so impressed with Spartans fast response to the current lockdown crisis. From day 1 Wayne was initiating activities to keep the kids fit and engaged in the sport and still feeling part of the Spartans family. The offering of the lockdown package has been superb and it has relieved us parents from the stress of making sure our child stays fit during this time. He is really looking forward to start private coaching with Wayne next week!"


"My 3 children have been doing Basketball with Coach Wayne over the past 2 years, after moving from another basketball group to Spartans Basketball Academy. Wayne and his team have broadened my children’s skills. Wayne teaches basketball with true passion instilling discipline and respect in his students. Not only have the children’s skills developed greatly in their time with Spartans, they have also been given the opportunity to partake in basketball tournaments putting their skills into practice. The children have attended holiday camps as well as weekly term time sessions. They come away from each session buzzing about what they have learnt. My daughter age 10 started the sessions nervously, as one of the youngest in the group but the students in the session (mainly age 11 to 14) quickly welcomed her into the Spartan family allowing her to develop into a confident player. I would highly recommend Spartans Basketball Academy and could not be happier with how they have helped my children develop.” 


"Coming from the US with two boys under 10 was not an easy thing. Even though the language is similar both boys felt out of place just about everywhere they went until they found the Spartans club. They were all smiles on the way to practice and after. This is also the first time they played in a club team so having a common goal with other team members feels special to them. The life lessons team sports provides can not be overstated and the Spartans provide just that. Both of my boys have enjoyed their time meeting new friends and competing! Coach Wayne's calm nature is a welcomed site in the crazed world of kid's sports. He just calmly speaks and all the kids listen. Wish we could get that at home! Thanks Spartans and we can't wait until the next session gets started!"



"We are hooked on basketball! Football is history for us! Such a big difference coming from a football environment to the basketball court; the environment is 100% more positive and the coaches are very inspiring - no looking back... 


"Best coaching and best club in Kingston. I love training with Coach Wayne and the Spartans!"


"I was impressed by the turnout of kids at Spartans Basketball Academy. Coach Wayne runs a highly organised and empowering group of Spartans assisted by coaches who love what they do. Overall, a high octane mix of drills, skills and fun"


"Since joining Spartans a year ago, my son's basketball skills have improved dramatically. Even during lockdown, Coach Wayne has managed to devise training sessions and drills which not only focus on improving individual skill, strength, and fitness, but are also a lot of fun. There is a friendly atmosphere at training sessions and my son has made some good friends at Spartans, and has also gained a lot of confidence. We are very much looking forward to when the children can get back on the court." 


"Spartans Lockdown training sessions have been a great help in giving my daughter structure, positivity and a good beat to her day. It allowed her to keep in touch with her team and coach whilst improving her skills and maintaining fitness. She was a little hesitant about being on camera at first, but with time she overcame this completely. Overall, a totally different but entirely positive and innovative experience!"


After his first term with Spartans my son can't wait to sign up for another term. The whole club has such an inclusive feel and approach where all children are involved in the games. The coaches are enthusiastic and identify areas to develop as they come up, giving the children a chance to put their learning into practice right away. I've been really impressed with all the coaches. They find the right balance between making the sessions fun while maintaining an environment in which all the children can progress. 


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