Encourage and support your fellow Spartans

Never argue with your teammates, coach, officials or spectators

Never put your teammates down or laugh at your teammates

Be punctual 

Be proactive

Always give 100%

Always be prepared

Be respectful of others

Play within the rules

Keep fit and healthy

Respect the club, facilities and equipment

Listen to your coach

Attend all training sessions

Don't do anything to harm the reputation of the Academy

Let us know if you can't attend a session

Always thank officials and opposition players after a game

Always support fellow Spartans during other games

Understand that the coach is responsible for player selection during games

Understand that not all players will receive equal time during games and this is determined by the coach

Always cool-down


Respect all staff that work for Spartans Basketball Academy

- Spartans Basketball Academy has the right to refuse admission  at any time if we feel that parents or players are being disrespectful or rude -

 Help your Spartan to be prepared for training and matches

Always use appropriate language on and off the court

Do not criticise or question the referee or an official's decisions

Support your child in their development

Support the coaches and do not question their decisions

Support the Academy in times of need 

Understand that coaches train your child and make decisions in the best interest of all players on the team

If you would like to discuss an issue with a coach after a game, please leave 24 hours before doing this and never in front of your child

Make us aware of any existing medical conditions

Understand that your child may not receive equal time during games and this is determined by the coach

If you are taking photos during play, please get permission from other parents and organisers first

Ensure fees are fully paid before sessions start

Ensure that your child attends all training sessions

Speak with coaches directly if you have any issues


Make training sessions fun, constructive and supportive

Encourage Spartans to try their best

Always plan sessions before you arrive

Recognise and correct faults

Deliver challenging drills

Develop skill and confidence in all Spartans

Encourage teamwork

Issue court time based on attendance and ability


Provide equal opportunities

Increase participation

Deliver free sessions to Primary and Secondary Schools

Provide free online sessions

Have at least one NL team 2020/2021

Encourage and help Spartans to represent their County and beyond

Provide high quality coaching

Provide CPD for schools in terms of officiating

Promote Basketball

Provide free 'Girls Only' coaching at schools

Let's go Spartans!