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Updated 30th July 2021

Basketball England Membership

As part of the 'Return to Play' Protocol, clubs, leagues and members must be registered and affiliated with Basketball England in order to undertake any basketball activity, whether that is indoors/outdoors or individual/group.  

Information on how to do this can be found in the Basketball England Membership Hub. This does not apply to after school clubs that take place at a primary school for example.


Spartans Basketball Academy

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully prior to making payment to Spartans Basketball Academy, and before your child attends any of our training sessions.


Once payment or a booking has been made, you have thus accepted our online booking terms and conditions. All of our memberships, payments for sessions and camps are non-refundable and non-transferable. Spartans Basketball Academy cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during or after any of our training sessions. 

All parents/guardians, children and players must have respect for other children, players, coaches and staff. We expect players to be punctual and attend all booked training sessions. If your child is not turning up regularly to training sessions or are regularly late they are not guaranteed court time or a place in the team when playing games for our Academy. Your child may also be disallowed to represent their CVL or National League team if they are not attending training sessions or regularly arriving late and this includes not being able to take part in our training sessions. If your child is unable to attend a training session please notify us in advance. In any of the above situations no refunds will be offered for any payments that have already been made.

All players must be fully paid members for the year (£20) plus VAT before any sessions can be booked. This fee may is reduced on a termly basis. Spartans Basketball Academy has the right to refuse admission to a child if our membership has not been paid in full. Players will not be added to a register until membership and session fees have been paid in full before sessions commence. Please do not put a coach in an awkward position by sending your child to a training session having not paid or completed all relevant forms. The coach will be given the register an hour before each session, if your child is not on the register he/she will be unable to take part. 

All payments for sessions, camps, teams and online sessions are non refundable and non transferrable. Children cannot move from a particular training session during the week to another weekly training session. This includes moving from school to open sessions or from one camp to another.

There are no discounts or refunds available if your child misses a training session due to other commitments, illness, transport issues, lateness, injuries or anything else. We need our players to attend all training sessions to improve their skill and fitness and help their teams achieve success during the season. If your child is unable to attend CVL or NL sessions or Games throughout the season due to other commitments he/she should not join our CVL or NL teams. We need our players to be committed for the entire season. 

Membership runs from September 1st 2021 - August 31st 2022 and the £24 is reduced termly for new players that join during the year.. 

At Spartans Basketball Academy we do not allow players to train with, represent or play for another basketball club whilst being a member of our Academy. Please contact us if your child plays CVL, National League or represents another club before they join our Academy. In the event that your child joins another club after becoming a member of our Academy no refunds will be given and your child will not be able to represent Spartans Basketball Academy. If a child represents Spartans and is training with another club and this has not been discussed with us they may be asked to leave. No refunds will be offered in this instance.

If your child is unable to attend a training session, game, camp or tour we should be notified by email in advance as early as possible. This helps build a good relationship between players, parents and staff that works in favour of players, parents/guardians, coaches and the Academy. 

Sessions will take place outdoors and indoors on a full or half court. On occasion, full court training sessions may take place on half the court due to other bookings at a training venue. Occasionally, sessions may be cancelled at short notice. In such an event, any cancelled sessions will be moved to another day or venue. If the session can not be replaced with an indoor or outdoor coaching session, it will be replaced with an online session. Alternative venues may include The German School, Tiffin Sports Centre, The Kingston Academy, Holy Cross School, YMCA Hawker, Grey Court School, Tedddington School  or Tiffin Girls' School. Please take this into consideration before you make any bookings with us.

Camps must be paid for in full even if your child is unable to attend all days of the camp. If a camp is cancelled by us for any reason any money paid will be credited to a camp at a future date, we are unable to offer refunds. If your child takes part in a single day or part of a camp, money must be received before the camp commences. Places for camps are given on a first come, first serve basis, and may be by invite only. If you have booked your child onto  a camp and have not made payment at the time of booking your child will be removed from the register to allow another child to take part.

All payments for sessions, camps, games, tournaments and private coaching must be paid for in advance. If a player has not paid their fees for training sessions, games, camps or private coaching they will no longer be allowed to take part in our Academy programme until monies have been paid. Spartans Basketball Academy has the right to refuse players from returning to the Academy if there are issues with late payments or behaviour. If there are issues with making payments please speak with us in advance so we can hep with this.

Spartans Basketball Academy have the right to refuse admission to training, camps, tournaments, private coaching or games.

Our CVL and NL teams may have a reserve list and those players on a reserve list may be given the opportunity to play in matches during the season. CVL and NL players will not be given equal court time during matches and this is determined by the coach. Not all children who are part of a CVL or National League team will play in every game.

Only Spartans uniforms/t-shirts may be worn for any of our training sessions and games. 

In the event that a training session is cancelled or moved due to Sports Hall unavailability, we will endeavour to provide an additional 'catch up' session when possible which may be outdoors, otherwise we will offer an online session as a replacement. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund.

Spartans Basketball Academy expect a certain level of behaviour at all times which is agreed to prior to the start of the term, training or matches. We have the right to exclude a child from any training session, CVL game, National League game or any team (including a tour) if it is deemed that the child’s or parent/guardian's behaviour is rude, disruptive, unsafe or harms the reputation of Spartans Basketball Academy. We also reserve the right to not allow a child to represent our CVL/National League team or any team/tournaments if their behaviour conflicts with our code of conduct or their attendance is unsatisfactory below 90%. In any event a refund will not be issued. 

By your child becoming a Spartan, you consent to receiving emails from Spartans Basketball Academy and photos being taken of your child during our training sessions, camps, games and tours for use on our social media platforms and on our website to promote the Academy and in some cases our partners. Your privacy is important to us - we will not pass your details on to third parties. You may opt out of receiving our communications at any time by emailing us at hello@spartansbasketballacademy.com and asking to unsubscribe or asking to be removed from our mailing list.

Online Sessions

Your child must be supervised during our online sessions. Your child should warm-up before our online sessions commence and cool-down after the online session has finished. Spartans Basketball Academy cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur before, during or after our online sessions. Spartans Basketball Academy cannot be held responsible for any equipment or property that is damaged during our online sessions. Please ensure mobile phones or tablets are fully charged, you have adequate Wi-Fi and that your child wheres appropriate clothing. For example their Spartans t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. Your child must be clearly visible on screen to take part in our online sessions or they will be removed from the session. This is to ensure that children are taking part and not suffering from an injury off screen.

Sessions During Covid-19 (March 2020 onwards) - updated 10/03/21

Sessions may take place indoors or outdoors. Please check whether the sessions you are booking are taking place indoors or outdoors as your child's experience will be different for each. School closures, venue closures, local lockdowns, national lockdowns and coaches that may have to self isolate may have an effect on what we can deliver on a weekly basis. In the event that sessions cannot take place at a venue, online sessions may be offered as a replacement.

All players should bring the following items with them to our training sessions (this will be updated regularly). Parking is disallowed on site at most venues and entrances must not be blocked during drop off or pick up. Equipment that your child uses should be cleaned before and after each session:


Named Water Bottle

Pre-pumped basketball

Hand Gel (applied at the start, during and end of each session)

Appropriate Footwear and Clothing

Spartans T-shirt (for all sessions)

Face Mask for Pre-Screening and departure


Memberships are non transferable and non refundable.

Spartans t-shirts or hooded tops must be worn by all players during training. These can be purchased when we place a large order, if kit is not in stock.

Due to sessions taking place during the Coronavirus outbreak, children will only be able to take part in our sessions if they pass our pre-screening. If your child does not pass pre-screening he/she should not come to the training venue. Please go through each question with your child an hour or two before they attend each session. A refund will not be offered if your child is unable to attend any session. Without confirmation of answers to these questions your child will not be able to take part. If your child becomes ill or has Coronavirus please notify us immediately.


Children must bring appropriate clothing for all weather conditions. There may be no toilets facilities or drinking fountains available for our some sessions. We will follow Basketball England and Government regulations regarding how training sessions are conducted and what 'level' to operate at. However, we reserve the right to downgrade these levels further to protect our players, families and staff at any time.


Parents/guardians may not be allowed into the training area or Sports Hall until further notice. If a venue is within a school, parents will not be allowed in the school. There should be no congregating of people at the training venue. It is advised that players and their parents/guardians should not take public transport or car pool. Players and parents/guardians should line up outside the training venue 15 mins before the session is due to start wearing their face mask ready to have their temperature taken.


If it is wet or raining there are limits to what can be done outside. Training will still take place if wet or raining at the discretion of the coach, but refunds will not be offered. Due to current situations with the Coronavirus we need to adapt training so that children can still take part in their physical activities. In the event of a 'lockdown', change in Basketball England, Sport England, Venue, Government guidelines or a reduction in activity, a venue is closed or a coach needs to self-isolate, your child's session at a venue may become an online session. No refunds will be offered in this instance. Spartans Basketball Academy reserve the right to include players from different age groups at sessions to maximise numbers at training sessions.

In the event that Basketball England or Government regulations reduce the number of participants that can take part in group training, sessions may need to take place online for all players or there will be a rotational system of online sessions and face to face sessions. In this case, times may need to be changed to accommodate as many players as possible.

All payments for sessions including membership must be made at the time of booking a session otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. 

Spartans Basketball Academy reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time.

Please contact us if your child does not have a basketball for any of our sessions as we are able to provide a second hand basketball for a small fee. Please give us plenty of notice regarding this.


You must complete pre-screening before your child takes part in our sessions. 


Pre-screening must be completed to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 to other children, coaches and their families. If you are unable to return the pre-screening questions before the session your child will not be able to take part. If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions your child should not take part and they should self isolate in line with Government advice. If you answer 'yes' to question 6 please see 'Appendix 4'. These questions will be updated and you may complete different pre-screening questions online or via an app.


Pre-screening questions:

  1. Have you been in contact with anyone with or suspected of having COVID-19 in the last 48 hours? yes/no

  2. Has anyone in your household had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 2 weeks? yes/no

  3. Have you been advised to self-isolate due to an infection within another setting, such as school? yes/no

  4. Do you have a new persistent cough? yes/no

  5. Have you had any loss of taste or smell? yes/no

  6. Do you have any underlying health conditions that would put you at further risk should you contract COVID-19? yes/no 

  • Cardiovascular problems

  • High blood pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Chronic kidney or liver disease

  • Compromised immunity diseases

  • Obesity (BMI 40+)

    If you answer 'yes' to this question please see Appendix 4 at the bottom of the email that you will receive.

7. Have you travelled from a country that requires 14 days of isolation within the last 14 days? yes/no

If you answer yes to question 7 please do not send your child to a session.


Please arrive in plenty of time (at least 15 mins before a session). Arriving late will disrupt the session for children already taking part. 

Equipment (must be cleaned before and after session)


  • Named Water bottle

  • Basketball 

  • Hand gel (applied at the start and end of every session)

  • Appropriate footwear and clothing

  • Suncream (if necessary)

  • Spartans T-shirt (new members can purchase one)

  • Face mask for pre-screening and departure

Appendix 4

Finally, please read the COVID-19 Risk Information sheet from Basketball England before attending any training session.


If camps are cancelled we will offer credit towards a future camp, but not credit towards weekly training sessions. If your child is unable to take part in a camp for any reason we are unable to offer refunds or credit. This includes missing particular days due to injuries or other commitments. 

If your child attends any trial this does not guarantee him/her a place in the team. If your child played for one of our teams last season they are not guaranteed a place in a team this season. Attendance at training and games is essential if your child represents Spartans Basketball Academy. Attendance at training and games last season as well as punctuality may be taken into consideration when selecting teams. However, every child has to prove themselves before being selected. Assuming that your child will be selected because they were in a team last year is not how our Academy operates. If your child is not prepared to give their all at trials or attend regular training they may lose out.

National League Basketball

Parents/guardians will be notified if their child is selected to represent one of our National League teams. Games may be rescheduled by the home or away team at any time and Government or Governing Body restrictions around COVID could have an adverse effect on whether games can take place. School closures, local lockdowns or other issues around venue hire, coach/player self isolation may also have an adverse effect on whether games can take place. In the event away games are cancelled we will try to reschedule where possible. In the event that home games are cancelled we will try to reschedule where possible. If home or away games cannot be rescheduled we will try and provide a training session at a local venue during game time. In the event that Government or Basketball England restrictions have an effect on games, training sessions or the season, online sessions will be offered to players as an alternative. To ensure Spartans Basketball Academy can function during and beyond COVID for the local community we are unable to offer refunds at this time. We will not be taking payment for the entire season and payment will be per game due to the uncertainty around COVID-19.

National League Basketball 2021 / 2022

There is no guarantee that there will be CVL or NL teams during 2021/2022 season. If there is a league we can only participate if we have enough coaches and are in a financial situation to enter teams. If your child was selected for a team this season and has been promised a place next season without trialling, their place will only be granted next season if 1). Your child has been regularly taking part in training sessions (minimum of 90%) during the spring and summer term including online. 2). Your child has been making physical and skill improvements and has been respectful to their teammates and coaches. 3). There are teams next season for your child to represent. 


If your child is taking part online for CVL or NL training they must be visible or they cannot take part.  If your child trials with another club, they will automatically lose their place for next season, but can trial again with us for a place next season. Places at trials are at the discretion of the Head Coach.

School Sessions (after school clubs)

Children that take part in after school clubs are not required to purchase Spartans Basketball Academy Membership for these school sessions. Please read our full terms and conditions above. In the event that sessions are cancelled due to school closures or lockdowns, online sessions may be offered as a replacement if face to face sessions cannot be offered at a later date.