Check out the list below to see when our Spartans train and where, then simply go to the 'Book Now' page to find out about prices and availability... All players must have paid the yearly membership fee before selecting training sessions.

U15s Girls Only (School Years 5-10) - 5-6pm at The Kingston Academy (TKA) - Open Session

U14s Mixed (School Years 8-9 Boys + School Year 10 Girls) - 6-7pm at The Kingston Academy (TKA) - Invite only



U14s CVL (School Years 8-9) - 6-7pm at Tiffin Sports Centre - Invite only


U12s CVL (School Years 6-7) - 5-6pm at The Kingston Academy (TKA)- Invite only

U16s CVL (School Years 10-11) - 6-7pm at The Kingston Academy (TKA) - Invite only


U15s Mixed (School Years 8-10) - 6-7pm at The German School - Open Session


U15s Mixed (School Years 7-10) - 9-10am at Tiffin Sports CentreOpen Session

U15s Mixed (School Years 7-10) - 10-11am at Tiffin Sports CentreOpen Session (GAMES ONLY)

U16s CVL (School Years 10-11) - 9-10.15am at The Kingston Academy (TKA)Invite only

U12s CVL (School Years 6-7) - 10.15-11.30am at The Kingston Academy (TKA)Invite only

U15s Mixed (School Years 6-10) - 11.30-12.30pm at The Kingston Academy (TKA) - Open Session

U10s Mixed (School Years 3-5) - 12.30-1.30pm at The Kingston Academy (TKA) - Invite only 

U14s CVL (School Years 8-9) - 1.30-3pm at The Kingston Academy (TKA)Invite only


U15s Mixed (School Years 6-9) - 9-10am at Tiffin Sports Centre - Open Session

U10s Mixed (School Years 3-5) - 10-11am at at Tiffin Sports Centre - Open Session


Spartans Basketball Academy in Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey, is offering an amazing range of fundamental drills and ball familiarisation activities for beginners and experienced players. If you haven't played basketball before, we can get you dribbling, passing and shooting in no time. If you are an experienced player we will help you fine tune your game and perfect your technique.


Drills are differentiated and progressive so that Spartans develop skill and confidence at their own speed.

We can break competitive games down into half court defence to allow teams to make unchallenged progress up the court. We encourage passing, dribbling and shooting from Spartans. Our coaches focus on fault recognition and fault correction during drills and game time so that our Spartans are always learning. We pause games briefly, during sessions to show our Spartans where they should be positioned on the court. Sometimes, we restrict defence to build a Spartan's confidence.

All Spartans will learn and improve at different speeds, and we are experienced in bringing out the best in every Spartan, no matter what their skill level is.


Spartans Basketball Academy provide an opportunity for boys and girls to enjoy quality coaching, where new skills are developed. Drills are exciting and constructive and include ball handling, passing, shooting, finishing, footwork, defending, attacking, speed, agility, strength and conditioning. Training sessions are most importantly fun and include music. There are always enough pumped basketballs for every Spartan. There are 15 evening and weekend sessions a week whic allow Spartans to learn new skills and develop their confidence.


When you join the Spartans Basketball Academy, you begin your journey as a 'Spartan Warrior' and receive a white Warrior's t-shirt. After six training sessions you can become an 'Elite Spartan Warrior' and may purchase a grey t-shirt or hoodie (if you have passed the assessment). 

More dedicated training and respect for others will help you become an Elder (green t-shirt & hoodie). The ultimate all-rounder and highly skilled Spartan will eventually become a 'King' or 'Queen'; the highest ranked Spartan (red t-shirt & hoodie). So, work hard for your colours and become the ultimate all-round Spartan!



Every term we host our own basketball tournaments where all players will be fully involved and have plenty of contact with the ball. 

Competitive games are an important part of any team sport, and there may be opportunities to compete against other local basketball teams. A coach or Spartan shouldn't expect one player to carry a team, as all players have a valid part to play. At Spartans Basketball Academy, we encourage and expect teamwork. Whether we win or lose, being gracious and respectful is essential. We always help our fellow Spartan up when they are down, and we always show respect to our opposition.