Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully prior to making payment to Spartans Basketball Academy. Once payment has been received by Spartans Basketball Academy, you have thus accepted our online booking terms. 

Parents and players must have respect for Coaches and all Staff at Spartans Basketball Academy. We expect players to be punctual and attend all training sessions. If your child is not turning up regularly to training sessions they are not guaranteed court time when playing matches. Your child may also be disallowed to represent their CVL or National League team if they are not attending training. In this event no refund will be offered.

All players must be fully paid members for the year (£20) before any sessions are selected. Spartans Basketball Academy has the right to refuse admission to any sessions if membership has not been paid. If this happens Spartans Basketball Academy will refund money paid. Players are not added to any register until membership fees and sessions have been paid for in full before sessions commence. 

Payments for single blocks (terms), all three blocks (year), camps, school sessions, CVL/National League teams/sessions and private coaching are non refundable. Children cannot move from a particular training session during the week to another weekly training session. Children cannot move from a school session to a weekly open session or vice-versa. If you have not paid for your child's membership or sessions in advance and they are not on the register at the start of the session, they will be unable to take part.

There are no discounts or refunds if a child misses a training session due to other commitments or injuries. We need our players to attend training to improve and help their team achieve success. If your child does not regularly attend sessions they will be removed from the team and no refunds will be offered.

Membership runs from September 1st 2019 - August 31st 2020 There is a new membership fee every year that all players must pay before selecting sessions. If your child is in a CVL team their membership will be included in their deposit.

Only registered Spartans that have paid for membership may attend our open sessions, games and camps.

At Spartans Basketball Academy we do not allow our players to train with, represent or play for other basketball clubs whilst being a member of our academy. Please contact us if your child plays CVL, National League Basketball or represents another club before they join our academy. There may be exceptions if this has been agreed in advance before your child joins our academy, Hoop Dreams, CVL, National League or any other team. However, Spartans Basketball Academy has the right to refuse any player from joining our academy.

If your child is unable to attend a training session, game, camp or tour we must be notified by email in advance. This helps build a good relationship between players, parents and our staff. Failure to do so may result in your child being removed from our academy.

On occasion, training sessions will only take place in half of a Sports Hall due to other bookings. Occasionally sessions may be cancelled by us at short notice. In such an event, any training sessions cancelled may be transferred to another session either within the same term or the following term. On very rare occasions the session may not be replaced. 

Camps must be paid for in full even if your child is unable to attend all days of the camp. If a camp is cancelled by us or the camp is full and you have already paid. Your money will be refunded to you. If your child takes part in a single day or part of a camp, money must be received before the camp commences and single day players will not receive a camp t-shirt unless a spare is available. Places for camps are given on a first come, first serve basis, and are given to registered Spartans first over non-Spartans. We are unable to guarantee the correct size of t-shirt for your child unless you notify us of the size before we place our order.

Sessions for parents or children should be paid at the start of term in advance, and there are no refunds if children or parents miss sessions or are unable to attend. 

All payments for sessions, camps, games and private coaching must be paid for in advance. There are no exceptions to this. If a player has not paid their fees for training sessions, games, camps or private coaching they will no longer be allowed to take part in our academy programme until all money has been paid. Spartans Basketball Academy will have the right to refuse players from returning to the academy if there are issues with late payments.

Spartans Basketball Academy have the right to refuse admission to training, camps, private coaching or games.

All of our CVL teams have a reserve list and those players will be given the opportunity to play in matches on occasion. Players may not be given equal time on the court during matches and this is decided by the coach and not all children who are part of a CVL or National League team will play in every game.

If payments are made late for the basketball tour of San Francisco there may be a charge made to parents. If payments are late your child may be taken off the trip and no refund will be offered. Please speak to us in advance if there are issues.

In the event that a training session is cancelled or moved due to sports hall closures or TKA Sports Centre not opening in time, we will endeavour to provide an additional 'catch up' session at another time if possible, before the end of the term or if possible during the next term.

Spartans Basketball Academy expect a certain level of behaviour at all times which is agreed to prior to blocks, training or matches commencing. We have the right to exclude a child from any training session, block, game CVL, National league or any team (including tour) if it is deemed that the child’s or parent's behaviour is rude, disruptive or unsafe or harms the reputation of Spartans Basketball Academy. This also applies if payment has not been made in advance. We also reserve the right to not allow a child to represent our CVL/National League team if their behaviour conflicts with our code of conduct or their attendance is unsatisfactory below 90%. In this event a refund will not be issued.

By becoming a Spartan or by taking part in a complimentary session, you consent to receive emails from Spartans Basketball Academy and photos being taken during our training sessions, camps, games and tours for use on our social media platforms and on our website to promote the academy. Your privacy is important to us - we will not pass your details on to third parties. You may opt out of receiving these communications at any time by emailing us at hello@spartansbasketballacademy.com and asking to unsubscribe or asking to be removed from our mailing list.

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