the growth of spartans basketball academy

October 2016

Spartans Basketball Academy opens it's door to 28 children for it's first ever coaching session.

December 2016

Training sessions increase from one per week to two sessions per week on weekends.

March 2017 

Plans for a basketball tour of Canada are proposed and an inspection visit carried out.

December 2017

First basketball tournament held at Spartans HQ for four different teams just before Christmas.

March 2018

Spartans Basketball Academy travel to Toronto & Niagara in Canada for six games against local opposition, Elite training, CN Tower, Raptors v Celtics live game and more.........

April 2018

Plans for a basketball tour of San Francisco are proposed following an inspection visit.

May 2018

Trials held to form one Spartans CVL Basketball team.

June 2018

Due to the success of the trials, two U14 CVL teams are formed and one U12 team.


September 2018

Training sessions increase from two per week to seven per week during weekdays and weekends.

Level 1 Table Officiating Course

October 2018

Level 1 Coaching Course

January 2019

Training sessions increase from seven per week to eleven per week during weekdays and weekends

January 2019

Spartans Basketball Academy secures second base at The Holy Cross School

February 2019

Spartans Basketball academy host their first weekly camp

February 2019

Plans for a basketball tournament/camp of Greece are proposed following an inspection visit.

April 2019

3rd Base Secured at The Kingston Academy

April 2019

Spartans Basketball Academy second weekly camp

April 2019

Primary and Secondary School outreach

May 2019


June 2019

Spartans Basketball Academy Annual Award ceremony

September 2019 

U12s, U14s & U16s CVL

October 2019 

5 Day Tournament/Camp in Greece

April 2020

Spartans Basketball Academy tour of San Francisco for children in School Years 8-11 (by invite only). Tournaments, Live NBA, Elite training, Alcatraz and more....